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Zinda Tilismath

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Description: Can be used to help in different ailments as follows:

Cough and Cold
Rub 4 drops on the neck, nose and also chest twice a day, morning and evening. It will also be taken by adding 4 drops to tea or coffee.
If difficulty in Breathing or swallowing- Add 12 drops in two to three glasses of boiling water and inhale the vapour through mouth. 
Stomach Ailments
For Indigestion, Constipation, Flatulence and Loose Motions - Take 8 drops of “ZINDA TILISMATH” mixed with 1 oz water.
Mix 8 drops with 10 grams of butter or 50 grams of curd and take twice, morning and evening on empty stomach till motions stop. Diet with barley water.
Rub on the forehead. Repeat after two hours if needed.
Apply cotton swab soaked in Zinda Tilismath to the affected part of the gum every two hours till pain subsides.
Ear Trouble
Wash the affected ear with warm water and put 4 drops mixed with LUKEWARM coconut oil and plug with cotton.
Body pains
In any part of the body viz hands, feet, back, knees etc. Rub on the effected part and foment with an equal quantity of kerosene oil and rub slowly twice a day morning and evening foment with warm cloth bandage.