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Valiya NarayanaTailam


Size: 200ml


 Valiyanarayan Oil is effective for those who are suffering from high vata, it support and rejuvenate  joints affected by wear and tear, joint space narrowing, and synovial fluid dehydration. Massaging with this oil strengthens the skin, nerves, muscles & bones.


Each 10 ml prepared out of: Vilva 0.778g Asvagandha 0.778g Brihati 0.778g Svadamshtra 0.778g Syonaka 0.778g Vatyalaka 0.778g Paribhadra 0.778g Kshudra 0.778g Kathilla 0.778g Atibala 0.778g Agnimantha 0.778g Sarani 0.778g Patali 0.778g Satavari 10.000g Rasna 0.019g Asvagandha 0.019g Misi 0.019g Daru 0.019g Kushta 0.019g Parnichatushka (each) 0.019g Kesara 0.019g Sindutha 0.019g Mamsi 0.019g Rajanidvaya(each) 0.019g Saileyaka 0.019g Chandana 0.019g Pushkara 0.019g Ela 0.019g Ugra 0.019g Yashti 0.019g Tagara 0.019g Abda 0.019g Patra 0.019g Bhringa 0.019g Ashtavarga(each) 0.019g Ambu 0.019g Vacha 0.019g Palasa 0.019g Sthauneya 0.019g Vriscivaka 0.019g Choraka 0.019g Ajadugdha 10.000ml Karpuram 0.019g Kasmiraja 0.019g

Directions: Put on the affected area and massage gently.

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